5 Tips For Staying Hydrated This Summer

Despite the on-and-off and at times completely crazy weather we’ve experienced in the past year, one thing we can surely count on: the upcoming few months are going to be HOT. Now, we’re all for drinking 8 glasses of water daily year round, but this is especially important come the summer months when you’re losing water faster and dehydration is a much more real threat.

Here are 5 tips to ensure you’re drinking your fill this summer:

Flavor Your Water
A major water drinking deterrent for many? They find it tastes too bland! If you find yourself in this category, it would bode you well to invest in a fruit infusion pitcher, like this one by Prodyne. They really work – all you have to do is fill it with water and whatever cut fruit/vegetable (or combo!) that you like, and let it sit for a little bit! Our favorite combination? Cucumber and strawberry, true spa water style!

Drink Water Before Bed
This sounds so simple – so do it! So many of us sip something like milk or juice pre-bedtime, which isn’t helping the cause. Indulge in a full glass of ice cold H2O and your body will be thanking you come the morning.

Eat More Fruits and Veggies
Many of our favorite fruits and vegetables are comprised almost entirely of water, which will give you an extra boost! Our top picks are cucumbers, celery, and watermelon for a big serving.

Fill Your Glass at Meal Time
Some people just prefer not to drink while they eat – but that’s not always the smartest play. If you sip water between every few bites, not only will it help you on your quest to hydration, but you’ll get fuller faster and eat less (built-in portion control)!

Purchase a Reusable Water Bottle
And carry it with you! Once you’ve done this there will be no excuses. Especially if you purchase a Bobble – these refillable bottles have their own filters that clean water while you drink. So even if you’re in a city where the tap water isn’t your favorite, you can create your own fresh water on the spot. Perfect!

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